Upgrade HD Lace Wigs

Upgrade HD Lace Wigs Exclusively developed and defined by Geetahair which is more transparent than normal lace.We adopt the Swiss Lace which is so transparent that it is undetectable even when seen from only two feet away! This superfine HD lace can creates the perfect illusion of hair growing directly out from your scalp. Leveraging Geeta Hair’s signature weaving crafts, our Upgrade HD Lace Wigs are more invisible & unnoticeable than HD lace wigs. The Swiss Lace can melt into any skin tone and are the highest quality wigs among all wig types currently on the wig market. all curl patterns wig is available. 

Benefits of upgrade HD lace wigs:

Pre-plucked hairline and baby hair.

More breathable and comfortable than ordinary lace.

Thinner, softer, lighter and more durable than ordinary lace.

Suitable for all skin tones and give you the scalp like your real one.

Provide you with the most realistic looking.

The best quality lace wig on the wigs market as far.

0 skills, no glue, no harm to the skin, quick installation, and the effect of wearing & walking in a very short period of time.

18 products

18 products