2022, New Style New Look!

2022 is coming soon. Are you ready?

To celebrate 2020, GEETA HAIR will have a huge promotion. Up to 54% off! It's incredible.

First of all, I want to introduce our hot-selling wig - 13x4 HD transparent lace wig . We can customize transparent lace for you now. It's super invisible. It can melt any skin color. It's amazing, you can hardly find lace, because it's indestructible, very natural. And it creates the most natural look, with a scalp and hairline look that can be easily designed while maintaining a natural hair look. Compared with the traditional medium brown lace wig, the advantages of transparent lace wig are obvious. It's great. I can't wait to wear this wig now!

 Next, our most popular product - loose deep bundles with closure. We’ve got many compliments about this texture, it’s a gift for black girl. Most natural looking ever. Easy manageable and maintain, you can wear and go just put some water on it, The curls are beautiful oh my god I can’t explain how I am excited when I see girls give us the feedback when they wear our loose deep wave

Code: NY50,  Don’t miss it!

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